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Finstad Gård: History

Finstad Gård in 1936 

Section nr: 20 / title no 5. 

Finstad Gård was bought by Ivar Pedersen Svendsøy in 1932 

There was no house on the farm, and the main house was built in 1933-1934, and the barn was built in 1935   

Marta and Ivar with Per Kristian in his father's arms and Lill in front of her mother. (1935) 

The earth was raw and badly needed trenching, and total of about 60,000 tubes were buried, which corresponds to about 20 kilometers, and everything was dug by hand! 

As was usual at this time, efforts were made using a multilateral operational procedure, with intensive operations for livestock, and the growing of vegetables, fruits and berries. 

Peter and Liv Svendsøy came to Finstad Gård in 1955 after school hours at Gjennestad Gartnerskole.

Liv and Per as optimistic gardeners from Gjennestad. Photo taken in 1955 

Operational responsibility was left to the Per the same year, and Liv came with when they married in 1956. 

With a new family on the farm a new house was built for the young farmers. 

They lived here until 1961 when they took over the business and swapped residence with Ivar and Martha. 

From Per took over operational responsibility, and the animals were sold and production solely focused on intensive vegetable cultivation. 

The barn was converted into cold storage, and Per began selling their own vegetables in the square in Oslo. 

The intensive operations and increase in sales led to the Finstad Engros AS was formed. The company eventually took on the sale of vegetables and fruit from other farmers and gardeners in the local and remote perimeter. 

The company currently has its own producing cooperatives with about 40 producers in all growing areas. 

The company gradually rented additional premises in Oslo so that the company could operate from the two premises. 

The main revenue is currently the trading of fruits and vegetables but also other products and wholesale goods. 

The company imports goods from Europe. 

The company currently has 15 employees and a modern Distribution park that supplies to customers across the country. 

Today the company is a strong player in the sales of its core products.

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