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219 Products found

asparagus tops  

avacado 2 pcs mature  

avocado network 1 kg  

avocado stk  

baby corn pk.a 250 gr  

batavia salad  

bean norwegian  

Bean Sprouts 

beefsteak tomatoes packed  

beetroot 3 kg  

beetroot bunt  

beetroot kg  


bobby beans  

broccoli 250-350 gr norwegian  

broccoli 350-450 gr norwegian  

broccoli 500 gr  

broccoli import  

brussels sprouts 250 gr  

brussels sprouts 400 bag  

brussels sprouts 500 grams  

brussels sprouts import 330 gr  

brussels sprouts loose product  

cabbage 10 kg sack  

cabbage new import  

cabbage new norwegian  

cabbages cut  

cabbages import  

cabbages norwegian kg  

carrot bunt norwegian  

carrot cup 1 kg  

carrot import 1 kg  

carrot mini  

carrot munch roots  

carrot pcs price  

carrot peeled  

carrot pk. 1 kg norwegian  

carrot washed 10 kg  

cauliflower 12pcs norwegian  

cauliflower 8 pcs norwegian  

cauliflower imp 12 pcs  

cauliflower import 10 pcs  

cauliflower import 9 pcs  

celery bunt  

celery import  

celery kg  

celery norwegian 15 pcs  

celery stk  

champignon loose ca 2.5kg  


cherry tomato cluster 0.5kg  

cherry tomato cluster snack  

cherry tomato yellow  

cherry tomatoes  

chestnut kg  

chi take mushrooms  

chicory salad package  

chinese cabbage 6 pcs  

chinese cabbage cut  

chinese cabbage frupor 9 pcs box  

chinese cabbage norwegian 12 pcs  

chinese cabbage norwegian 9 pcs  

chinese cabbage portugal 12 pcs  

chinese cabbage portugal 12 pcs box  

chinese cabbage portugal 9 pcs  

chinese cabbage spanish  

Chioggia Beet 

chives bunt  

chopped onions 

clean the potatoes 50-70 beate  

cluster tomato pakka  

Cooking Potatoes 'CELINE' 2Kg 

corn frozen  

corn norwegian  


crispi 500 gr pk  

cucumber 14 pcs norwegian  

cucumber import 12 pcs  

cucumber import 14 pcs  

cucumber norwegian 24 pcs  

cucumber norwegian 28 pcs  

cucumber norwegian kg  

diced swede 

eat bowl frupor 12 pcs  

eat bowl frupor 9 pcs  

eggplant kg  

fennel kg  


globe artichokes  


head lettuce potte  

heart salad  

horseradish kg  


kale packages  



mais import  

marinated olives  

mugs large bundle  

new cabbage frupor kg  

new potato imports  

onion 1 kg net 50-70mm  

onion 2 kg net  

onion bag 5 kgs  

onion bunt  

onion cut 1 kg pk  

onion import  

onion large over 70 mm  

onion medium 50-70 mm  

onion sock  

oyster mushroom / pleos ca 1.5 kg  

paprika red movies  


peeled / boiled egg in lake  
Pickled Eggs 

plum tomato mini norwegian  

plum tomato norwegian  

plum tomato pakka  

plum tomatoes cluster  

portobello mushrooms  

potato 1.5 kg new norwegian  

potato 2.5 kg astrix  

potato 2.5 kg beate  

potato 2.5 kg kers pink  

potato 2.5 kg pimpernel  

potato 5 kg  

potato amandine 1 kg  

potato amandine small 25-35mm  

potato astrix 2.5 kg  

potato astrix 50-70  

potato bake sous vide  
potato baking large 

potato beate 10 kgs  

potato beate 15 kgs  

potato blue congo  

potato cherie loose  

potato creamed  

potato folven 2.5 kg  

potato folven 50-70 wash  

potato herm.hele spannmålsflak  

potato herm.terning / disc  

potato imports i.5 kg  

potato k. pink 10 kgs  

potato k.pink 15 kgs  

potato laila 10 kgs  

potato laila 15 kgs washed  

potato laila 2.5 kg  

potato mandel  

potato mandel 2 kg  

potato new norwegian  

potato new norwegian 2 kg  

potato peeled  

potato pimpernel 10 kg  

potato råskrelt vacum  

potato ratte  

potato rosevale 2 kg  

potato rutten 2.5 kg  

potato sous vide  
potato troll 10 kgs  

prayers harrycort host  

purple cauliflower  


rapid salad potte  

ratatoui sous vide  
red cabbage kg  

red cabbage sous vide  

red cabbage spannmålsflak  

red onion  

red onion bunt  

red onion sock  

red ruhbarb pk  


ringerikspotet 2.5 kg  


rotmo sous vide  

salad mix 400 g  

salad mix lux  

salatblannding top  

sauerkraut spannmålsflak  

savoy cabbage  


shallots banana  


small tomato  

sous vide almond  
sous vide creamed cabbage  
sous vide mushy peas  

sous vide sauerkraut  

spinach packages  

spinach retail  


spring onions  

spring onions  

spring onions import  


string beans  

sugar peas 150 gr  

sugar snaps 150 gr  

swede 15 kg std 2  

swedes import  

swedes new norwegian  

swedes norwegian  

sweet potato  



tomato cherry norwegian  

tomato seed  

tomatoes biff  

tomatoes holland  

tomatoes import  

tomatoes norwegian  

tomatoes sundried  

tomatoes sundried package  

turnips bunt  

vine tomato  

yellow squash  

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